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Baby Come Undone (Throw it Back) f Kill Paris x Duran D

DJRageFaceDJRageFace Posts: 25Member
Made a quick blend with the Kill Paris remix and a Duran Duran throwback sample I remembered from growing up on New Wave rock way back when. Always love to mix up themes, genres, and overall musical feel of the tracks I use. Also I really enjoy hearing what different generations think of each other's music; especially when mixed up.


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  • I really like this track. I am not familiar with all the sources, but this was very skillfully done. I am very open to most music, so the mix of the genres is great. Keep 'em coming!
  • chocomangchocomang in the kitchenPosts: 1,368Member
    BastardW added a player and thus I can notice the production work is killer.
    Huge praise.
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