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We’ve passed the one year anniversary of the AudioBoots mashup forum!
To celebrate, here’s our latest all new mashup compilation - AudioBoots WORLDS GREATEST CLUB MASHUPS!

It’s three discs, 14 bootleggers, & 38 AWESOME tracks!

FANTASTIC preview video of the first track, AtoZ’s “Gonna Make You Work It Out”
( The Beatles & Friends vs C+C Music Factory ) is here -

Full playlist -



01 - Gonna Make You Work It Out ( AtoZ ) The Beatles & Friends vs C+C Music Factory

02 - Big Time Heroes ( Chocomang )
David Bowie vs Björk

03 - Blame it on a Dream ( mARKYbOY )
Calvin Harris & John Newman vs Empire of the Sun

04 - A Nasty Kissed Happiness ( DJ_MXR )
Anaya Day vs Katy Perry vs Cuba Gooding

05 - Manslaughter Had You ( lizzart )
Manslaughter vs Adam Lambert

06 - Aye Higher People ( Rudec )
New World Sound vs Marilyn Manson vs Stevie Wonder

07 - Earthquake Levels ( Chocomang )
Avicii vs Little Boots

08 - Babys In The Shame Cube ( DJ Useo ) Peter Godwin vs Sian vs Victor Calderone

09 - None Of Dem Lick Shots ( Tweylo )
Pitbull vs Röyksopp vs Missy Elliott vs Happy Clappers

10 - Seven Nation Funk ( DRA'man )
Mark Ronson vs The White Stripes

11 - Finally, Death (Day N' Starlight) ( ToToM )
Queen vs Ce Ce Peniston vs Kid Cudi vs Supermen Lovers

12 - I Wanna Big Fat Bass ( mARKYbOY )
Britney Spears vs Dannii Minogue

13 - Walking Through Elephants (Extended) ( DJ Spider ) Ten Walls vs Storm Queen



01 - We Like Delight ( -=AtoZeo )
Sugarhill Gang vs Vengaboys

02 - A Sky Full of Confusion ( Chocomang )
Coldplay vs Genesis

03 - Horny Girls Loops & Shout ( DJ_MXR ) Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Yves V vs Will I Am
feat Britney Spears vs Hound Dogs vs Mousse T

04 - Funky Acapella (My Happy Place) ( ToToM ) Kelis vs Lipps Inc

05 - I Feel For You Thrill Me ( DJ Useo ) Bob Sinclar vs Simply Red vs Masters At Work

06 - Bad Monster ( mARKYbOY )
Donna Summer vs Lady Gaga

07 - Free Dancing Addicted ( Chocomang )
The Vines vs East Clubbers vs Saving Abel

08 - Hypnotize Lost ( DJ Useo )
Laid Back Luke vs Affkt feat Thomas Gandey vs Wehbba

09 - Fizzle Raptor ( Zigmond Fraud )
Rustie vs Bwana

10 - Surviving Romance ( mARKYbOY )
Lady Gaga vs Gloria Gaynor

11 - Zero Superstition ( oki )
Macromism vs Smashing Pumpkins vs Stevie Wonder

12 - Vanilla Woman ( Rudec )
Crystal Waters vs Casetta Gavio



01 - Blue Kids ( Chocomang )
Kesha vs Eiffel 65

02 - Colours Of Clubbing ( Tweylo )
Prodigy vs Copyright

03 - Native Music ( DJ_MXR )
Cerrone vs Divine vs Armand Van Helden
vs Marcelo Giordani vs Zombie Nation

04 - 10 Million People Divided ( mARKYbOY ) Example vs Linkin Park

05 - Rihasmus ( ToToM )
The Rasmus vs Rihanna

06 - Prayer in Dragostea Din Tei ( Chocomang ) Lilli Wood & The Prick vs O-Zone

07 - Frozen League ( oki )
Nicole Moubader vs Human League vs Queen Elsa

08 - I Remember Avonmore ( DJ Useo )
Bryan Ferry vs Deadmau5

09 - Prayer for Going Home ( mARKYbOY )
Lily Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz vs Jason Derulo

10 - High Style ( Boots Leg Pharm )
Poka vs Daft Punk

11 - Live It Up ( Dj Gaya )
Chromeo vs Louie Vega vs Jungle Brothers

12 - Last Night In Love ( DJ Useo )
Diddy vs Richard Grey & Luv Booty Foundation

13 - We Like The World ( -=AtoZ )
Chris Pratt & Sugarhill Gang vs Vengaboys


Links for all three discs are here -

by MXR, Hahnstudios and DJ Useo.

We’ll be creating another new concept mashup album over the next few months. Come on by AudioBoots & join in!


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  • YEAH!!! AWESOME compilation well worth the waiting, thanks again for adding my mashup
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,795Super Moderator
    Huge thanks to all you fantastic contributors. I love to play, & replay this comp.
    Do yourself a favor, & post the comp around a bit.
    I am well pleased with how this project resulted. :thumbup:
  • okioki Posts: 129Member
    having troublle downloading.. some sort fo megaupload error, telling me i cant dl larger then 1 gb? its only 419..
  • GabGab montrealPosts: 106Membre
    nice compilation chocomang
  • chocomangchocomang planet earthPosts: 1,233Member
    oki wrote: »
    having troublle downloading.. some sort fo megaupload error, telling me i cant dl larger then 1 gb? its only 419..

    Mega links does not work very well with internet explorer :-|
    I just added additional links and mirrors
  • chocomangchocomang planet earthPosts: 1,233Member
    Gab wrote: »
    nice compilation chocomang

    Thanks! but all the credits should go to DJ Useo for the great organization, mastering, leveling, packaging, covers, back covers and to all the contributors for the tracks.
  • Nice one guys!! Some excellent talent on here - downloading now for a FULL listen!!

  • YITTYITT CaliforniaPosts: 53Member
    Ooh, 3 part download? Gonna catch 'em all!
  • Thank you very very much to Chocomang & DjUseo for all their work and dedication!!
    I'm very happy to have contributed in this compilation.
    keep on rolling!
  • dj_mxrdj_mxr Posts: 132Member
    almost its here ;)
  • okioki Posts: 129Member
    got them through the mirrors now, getting ready to listen! tnx guys :)
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,795Super Moderator
    Personally, I'm proud & honored to be among such talented producers.
    If this was the end of AudioBoots, I'd be happy, but this is only the beginning.
  • Great compilation everybody. Thanks and congrats to the mashers, contributers and organisers of this. I really like the page too.
  • DL yesterday and listened to most of the tracks right now. Surprising diversity which i didn't expect. Great comp, thanx everybody for that experience! Brilliant presentation as well. Very sepcial thanx to Dave & Choco for all the efforts!
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,795Super Moderator
    Thanks for comments, y'all. I was feeling lower than a dirty dawg in a ditch, & your tracks had me cheered much better. I love to play this comp.

  • chocomangchocomang planet earthPosts: 1,233Member
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    by MXR, Hahnstudios and DJ Useo.

  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,795Super Moderator
    Big gracias for adding the links. I find it fascinating to compare the styles of each mix. I really feel we all nailed it! Woot! :music:
  • mazangamazanga terra incognitaPosts: 25Member
    wadayamean you always nail it !! rock on dudes
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,795Super Moderator
    mazanga wrote: »
    wadayamean you always nail it !! rock on dudes

    Now that's great to hear. I really should be more confident, eh?
    I guess I'm trying to not get a big head about it.

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