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Beautiful Boots : The Beautiful Mashup Album

DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,875Super Moderator
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Newly available after a long absence, 2009's
"Beautiful Boots : The Beautiful Mashup Album"
is now back by demand!

You'll find splendid tracks
from me, Qubic, Sfreeman, Alpha1999, & DJ Newlight.
Eighteen tracks in all.

Here's the preview track & surprise,
It's one of mine!

"I Know Break Of Dawn"
( Hybrid vs Mojib )



01-L'Éternel Enfant Roi ( Qubic )
L'Enfant Roi vs Yello

02-In Crockett's Mekanik Tonight ( Alpha1999 )
Phil Collins vs Jan Hammer vs Bass Mekanik

03-Ocean Drums Sunrise ( DJ Newlight )
Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon Feat.
Kathy Brown vs DJ Sledge Hammer & Chris Da House

04-I Know Break Of Dawn ( DJ Useo )
Hybrid vs Mojib

05-Walk This Blacker Than Planetaria Land ( Sfreeman )
4Hero vs EZ-
Rollers vs Gill Scott Heron

06-Night Without A Face ( Alpha1999 )
Billy Idol vs Deep Forest

07-Listen To Your Heart ( DJ Useo Remix )

08-Another Day In AA With XXX ( Sfreeman )
Peaches vs Dragonette

09-Atomic Girl ( Alpha1999 )
Blondie vs David Bowie

10-Oíche Suaimhneach, Fir Caoin ( Qubic )
Mediaeval Baebesi vs Loreena McKennitt

11-Natural Freedom ( DJ Useo )
Shiva vs Eberhard Schoener w/The Police

12-Why R U The Most Beautiful ( Alpha1999 )
Carly Simon vs Prince

13-Welcome To The Unknown ( Sfreeman )
JD,P Diddy,Snoop,Lunatics vs The Unknown

14-I Want Good Times ( Alpha1999 )
Queen vs Chic

15-Once Upon A Time Release Me ( DJ Useo )
The Ancients vs Moss & Szade
F/ Audrey Valorzi

16-The Look Of A Trouper ( Alpha1999 )
Abba vs ABC

17-Do You Know (The Psycho Trip Song) ( DJ Useo )
Enrique Iglesias vs Prisma

18-Take Me To The House Above ( DJ Newlight )
LMC vs U2 vs Jürgen Dee Vs Axel S


Full zip file links here -



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