Filaments Of Authority (Linkin Park ft. Yousei Teikoku) - by GladiLord

GladiLordGladiLord Posts: 6Member
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Apocaliptically Speaking... the Judgement Day may not be what we expect, afterwards. Just stand by to think about it...

Linkin Park - Points Of Authority (vocals)
Yousei Teikoku - Filament (instrumental)


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  • MashupkalMashupkal Posts: 66Member
    You know what I have a weakness for? Orchestral variants on pretty much anything. You know what my favorite band is? Linkin Park. You've hit pretty much all of my wickets here, so I can't help but be in love.
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,982Super Moderator
    A splendid blend. Not unexpected, as you mixed it.
    The combo yields large satisfaction.
    I found it to be a very welcome mix.
    Many thanks to you.
  • Hey, this is really great! I agree with Mashup Kal. I love me some Linkin Park myself.
    Great work!
    Thanks for posting.
  • chocomangchocomang in the leaving roomPosts: 1,364Member
    Wow, Linkin Park in symphonic mode
    Amazing experience
    Thanks for the fun!
  • Thanks for the support, guys. :blush:
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