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AudioBoots 80's Mashed volume 5 DISC 1

chocomangchocomang somewhere faraway in the galaxyPosts: 1,290Member

What is your idea of the vibe of the 80's?
This is the answer given by 21 bootleggers:

60 all new and unreleased 80's mashups in a 3 discs release

Disc 1

1x01 Flux Dancing ( Ultravox vs Bloc Party ) - Eternal Khaos [4:00]
1x02 The Sound Of Pretty Fly ( Human League vs The Offspring ) - MasheteMixes [3:32]
1x03 Your Silent Monster ( New Order vs Professor Green ) - DJ Useo [4:47]
1x04 I Melt With Electricity ( OMD vs Modern English vs Corona ) - chocomang [3:39]
1x05 I Want A Golden Skan ( Bon Jovi vs Klaxons ) - rillen rudi [2:43]
1x06 You Don't Know Me Crosseyed And Painless ( Talking Heads vs Armand Van Helden ) - DJ Useo [4:09]
1x07 Born Sleeping ( Talking Heads vs Harry Nilsson ) - AtoZ [4:20]
1x08 Juke Box Under ( Foreigner vs Evanescence ) - MasheteMixes [4:32]
1x09 Still Waiting For My Love In An Elevator ( Aerosmith vs Sum 41 ) - rillen rudi [2:37]
1x10 Digital Killed The Video Star ( The Buggles vs Daft Punk vs Supertramp vs Van Halen ) - chocomang [5:19]
1x11 Madonna Killed The Radio Star ( The Buggles vs Madonna ) - Eternal Khaos [3:33]
1x12 Frozen Breath ( The Police vs Madonna ) - DJ Giac [3:35]
1x13 Photographic Imma Be ( Depeche Mode vs The Black Eyed Peas ) - chocomang [4:32]
1x14 King Life Down Again ( Depeche Mode vs ABC vs Madonna ) - DJ MXR [4:14]
1x15 Don't Stop Bigmouth Now ( Queen vs The Smiths ) - oki [3:54]
1x16 One Dream ( Queen vs Fleetwood Mac ) - MasheteMixes [3:33]
1x17 Head Of Personality ( Tears For Fears vs Living Colour ) - MashGyver [4:56]
1x18 Let's Chandelier ( David Bowie vs Sia ) - Rudec [3:55]
1x19 Come Fly Without Frontiers ( Peter Gabriel vs Maverick Sabre ) - chocomang [3:17]
1x20 Oh I Can't Take It, Yeah ( Vangelis vs Yello ) - AtoZ [3:39]

Disc 1 preview

Disc 2 release date May 22th, 2019
Disc 3 release date May 29th, 2019


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  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,911Super Moderator
    Thanks to everyone involved. I'm so totally into disc 1, I can't wait to obtain the rest.

    Thanks especially to Chocomang, who helmed the project solo. This wouldn't exist in this form without him.

    Contributors - If you plug the album release with link, you are encouraged to post your track once it appears on the comp.

    2 more discs coming! Woot!!

  • djpetrushkadjpetrushka Posts: 378Member
    Thanks to all for the wonderful tracks on this comp! You all rock! Hope you are enjoying......
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