Next 2019 AudioBoots mashup album ... 80's Mashed volume 5

chocomangchocomang somewhere faraway in the galaxyPosts: 1,256Member

The newest Audioboots comp is starting up & the theme is the 80's!

Send your new and unreleased mashups or mixes that express your idea of the vibe of the 80's to either DJ Useo, or Chocomang.
It should contain at least one famous 80's artist.

The planned deadline is April 1st 2019, & videos are welcome!

See the footer for previous AudioBoots Albums

Have fun mixing& invite your friends.

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  • 80's mashed #4, spring of 2017, inspired me enough that ideas were sprouting out all over . . too many ideas !
    So, while working on a few of my own, I also decided I'd put together a folder of insts and vocals for everyone to play with !

    Chocomang recently announced 80's 5 before I could, but it's obvious he'd be much better at running it . . yet I still have a year's plus of collecting and refining to share !!
    So now I shall better focus on my own nutty numbers and hope this planted and watered some seeds for You:
  • RudecRudec Posts: 158Member
    Great! I'll be joining in as always.
    I've got some backed up tracks waiting for this project ;)
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,875Super Moderator
    I'm very ready for this next volume. I've been saving a track with talking heads' Crosseyed and Painless vs Armand Van Helden's you don't know me, & one with new order's your silent face vs prof green's monster. Can't wait to hear y'alls mixes.
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,875Super Moderator
    Thanks to AtoZ for the fantastic fodder. It'll be a good idea to state who you use for your track, so we don't step on each others toes.
  • okioki Posts: 64Member
    ill be making some
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,875Super Moderator
    oki wrote: »
    ill be making some
    I am heartened to read that. We have fodder for you if requested.
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,875Super Moderator
    Ok, I finished 3 now, including the latest that uses Bowies' "Never Let Me Down" vocals. Hope y'all are enjoying the inspiration that often accompanies mixing for a comp.
  • satis5dsatis5d Posts: 76Member
    I'm in! I plan to submit one or two mashups. Thanks for offering.
  • satis5dsatis5d Posts: 76Member
    Here is my first submission: The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited (1984) vs. Reba McEntire - Fancy (1991)
  • supakonsupakon Posts: 15Member
    This might be my cue to get back into mashing :)
  • xamxam Etten,Leur - NetherlandsPosts: 4Member
    Oh-yes a 80s mashup compilation, love to be a part of that project!
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,875Super Moderator
    @Satis5d A stunningly superb mix. Thank you. :thumbsup:

    @Supakon Please bless us all by following that cue. :party:

    @Xam Coolio. Drop a note if you require any additional fodder. :yu:
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,875Super Moderator
    I made a new mix to post on my blog, but it struck me as perfect for this comp.
    It's "Tour De Shout" ( Kiss vs Kraftwerk )
    We'll see if it passes the consensus.
  • If I can get it together, I might dust off the old music computer and see if I can come up with a little ditty by April 1.
  • xamxam Etten,Leur - NetherlandsPosts: 4Member
    @DJUseo I found some inspiration this weekend, Yay!

    J. Geils Band - Centerfold (1981) vs Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (1982) & Tears for Fears - Shout (1985) that will be my main submission, hope to finish it in approx 1 week, needs a lot of work.

    But in search for the above combination I found that these two track were also an enjoyable / laughable fit: Tight Fit - The lion sleeps tonight (1982) vs Genesis - Invisible Touch (1986)
    (had to to sync every single word of the Phil vocal though)

    Here's a preview

    The only downside with this mashup is, that I was only able to replace the chorus with Phil's vocals, the rest clashes big time. But it (kind of) sounds quite funny imho!
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