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Pink Floyd vs Transvision Vamp

DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,875Super Moderator


"If Comfortably Numb Looks Could Kill"
( Pink Floyd vs Transvision Vamp )

70s Classic Rock vocals vs 80s New Wave instrumental.

Genre clash that works.

Mashup for demonstration purposes only.

Stream or d/l here -



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  • chocomangchocomang somewhere faraway in the galaxyPosts: 1,256Member
    Although I didn't know the sources I think they sound good together
    Thanks for sharing
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,875Super Moderator
    You bet'cha. When I got the transmission Vamp, I noticed right away the similarity to the Floyd track, so I tried them live on decks & recorded the second try. Then I moved the project to garageband on mac, where it failed to gel.
    So what you're hearing here is the live mix version I got after practicing it once. I don't normally release live mashups, but people told me they loved it.
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