4 tracks about my summer/letting go

DJRageFaceDJRageFace Posts: 25Member
So this collection of 4 tracks tell the story of trying to fit in at a media/art summer camp, disillusionment over how I was treated for 100 dollars a week/leaving, and realizing I never knew/didn't really care if the 22-year-old chameleon was actually into me or not. Was a process but I cut all that b.s. out of my life.

1. Sketch 3 ft Aesop Rock, Benny B, Jack U, Others (Wanting to prove I make art/music too during a staff concert)


2. None Shall Pass What You Do f Gill Chang, aviella winder, Aesop Rock (feeling overworked/underappreciated)


3. Forget Light f San Holo, Grant, Getter, Oliver Tree (my favorite flavor of angst/I dont need any of this)

4. Weekend Enemy Touched Me (Oliver Tree x Whethan x Part Native x Getter x Taska Black) (Cut the cord)





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