ZF - "Meat Tide" (Neil Landstrumm versus Mr.Mitch)

zigmondfraudzigmondfraud Posts: 24Member

Meat Tide on Hearthis

"Meat Tide"
Neill Landstrumm - "B-Meats"
Mr.Mitch - "Black Tide"

This is my first mashup in a long time. It's an instrumental one from me, (as is my wont!), and a
Housey one to boot.
I know this won't be to everybody's taste, nonetheless I do hope you enjoy!



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  • chocomangchocomang somewhere faraway in the galaxyPosts: 1,314Member
    Thanks much, your mashups are and sounds always like an original.

  • Great Stuff Dude!

    Thanks for the instrumental mash
    I grabbed the DL on HearThis and made a new mash with Missy Elliott.
  • Thanks Fellas!
  • Nice one! I like the feelings this track evokes. Thanks so much for keeping your hand in.
  • satis5dsatis5d Posts: 75Member
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    And now the mashup has been re-mashed!

  • haha! "and now"... think I beat you to that, dude!
    But I really like your take on it, the half speed vox
    really works in a way I wouldn't have thought!

    I was saying on the other post, (my mash of this), that perhaps
    we should do an EP style collection of these if anyone else was interested
    in joining in on the action?...


    Oh well!
    Good work Satis5d, (and Zigmond!)
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,941Super Moderator
    I am enchanted with this mix. It has that "certain something" that compels me to replay. Many thanks.
    I also really enjoyed Satis5d's take on it. Very different, yet so very likable.
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