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The Righteous Brothers vs Adele vs Elvis Presley - Someone like Unchained

Dj_MemphisDj_Memphis Posts: 108Member

The Righteous Brothers - Instrumental
Adele - Acapella
Elvis Presley - Concert sample


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  • chocomangchocomang in the leaving roomPosts: 1,047Member
    Sounds that the placement and key of Adele do not match the music.
    I think you need to rework this one.

  • Dj_MemphisDj_Memphis Posts: 108Member
    I know. Is not my best piece. Come back better. Nevertheless thanks for the criticism. ;-)
  • Thanks for posting. The idea is a good one. I agree with Chocomang, not trying to group attack. Sometimes if you let it go for a while, when you come back to it you can see how to fix it more clearly. It's worth fixing for sure.
  • Dj_MemphisDj_Memphis Posts: 108Member
    Thank you. I understand what you mean. Thank you ;-)
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