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Nirvana - Negative Riddim (Grunggae mashup)

catastroficocatastrofico Posts: 3Member
Kurt Cobain + Jamaica = WIN

And if you want to comment, here's the YouTube link:

Have fun!


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  • chocomangchocomang somewhere faraway in the galaxyPosts: 1,349Member
    edited December 2016 Vote Up0Vote Down
    Your track is killer. Is there a way it can be downloaded ?
    Thanks for the fun!

  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 1,971Super Moderator
    A splendid bootleg, indeed. I liked everything about it. Such an enjoyable mix. It has strong appeal for me. In fact, I'm enjoying your other tracks from your site.
    It's a pleasure to have you around. I hope you feel at home.

    btw, @Chocomang - I grabbed a fine copy using Mac YouTube downloader app.It works for every site I've tried. :bigboss:

  • vipfmvipfm Posts: 316Member
    edited December 2016 Vote Up0Vote Down
    Great Mashup...Congrants
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