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3 Morcheeba mashups almost from Chillax2

chocomangchocomang somewhere faraway in the galaxyPosts: 1,308Member
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These are three mashups featuring morcheeba from the Chillax 2 album. Well almost from the Chillax 2 album.
I was not satisfied with the Zero 7 vs Morcheeba track I submitted to the album and I made a new version that is quite different from the one on the album.

Download and Listen here:

Chocomang - The Otherwise Line (Zero 7 vs Morcheeba)

Chocomang - Tennis Chair (Lorde vs Morcheeba).

Chocomang - Enjoy The Blood (Morcheeba vs Morcheeba vs Morcheeba)

Chillax Come Down 2
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